The balance is refunded through the support ticket.

When requesting a refund, the value of the payment fee is deducted (20% for projects, 20% for services), which includes the platform commission, and the payment gateway fees. So these fees are not refunded.

The refund operation is a castle for several conditions including:
Terms of payment (payment and credit cards) If the payment method, for example, does not offer the option of refund, we can not do this from 3oun and in general, the balances are available to refund within 90 days from the date of payment maximum.

If the payment method provides a refund within a specified period, we are bound by this period.
So please be sure to read through the terms of the payment method that you use before payment and then follow up with the support team at 3oun.

Refunds are made exclusively to the payment method used as we refund the amounts to be recovered.

Where the commission is charged the payment gateway and costs